Showcase - Taqadam



Not all superheroes need a cape. At TAQADAM our founders are changing the world, one startup at a time. And it isn’t easy. Being a founder means taking risks, and maintaining laser-focus on their vision. To go on this journey is nothing less than heroic.  

The founders of this sixth TAQADAM cohort are technologists, optimists and dreamers. Today, they are ready to pitch on our global Showcase stage and show us what true startup heroes have to make it. 

You will meet 47 startups hailing from 11 countries that are here to grow the next generation of companies that will create lasting impact in Saudi Arabia. They are pitching live to investors and an audience tuned in from around the world. This is our annual event where true heroes of entrepreneurship take the stage. 

Welcome to the sixth TAQADAM Startup Showcase.

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When: March 1, 2023 at 4:00 PM (GMT +3)